Gel Extension Nails

           By using the art of gel extension, you can add length to your natural nails for a more feminine look.

Gel Manicure

           For the health of your natural nails, adding a thin layer of gel on your nail bed will keep the integrity of your natural nail if you intend to wear shellac polish for a long period of time.

Shellac Manicure

           For a much longer lasting manicure, shellac is perfect for special occasions such as a wedding or vacation. It is also perfect for those who may not be so delicate with their hands.

Nail Art

           Get creative and express yourself with unique nail art that reflects your personality.

Natural Nail Care

           For a quick pick-me-up service, cuticle clean-up, shaping and filing your natural nail to a desirable length and finish with high quality, all-natural cuticle oil and relaxing hand massage.

Up and coming services

           My passion for beauty does not stop in nails. I am currently doing a program at George Brown College to become a Skin Therapist. I hope to have your support when I am ready to start my journey as a skincare expert.